A New Leisure Centre

Critical to aligning these proposals to the wider vision of Croydon Council for Purley is the provision of a new, modern leisure centre. This will be located at high street level with level access from the new public square.

Pedestrian access from Whytecliffe Road South via a pedestrian route as well as an accessible route from the public car park via the south of the site will also be made available.

The leisure centre will deliver on the Council’s vision for enhanced leisure space that residents can enjoy, and will provide the following:

Fitness Studio
Main Pool
Training Pool

Leisure Centre Overview

The diagram below shows how the spaces within the brief for the new leisure centre will be provided:


Leisure Centre Phasing

Crucial to our proposals is the delivery of the leisure centre before the delivery of the specialist accommodation for elderly people. This will be delivered only following the completion of the leisure centre.

Purley Pool

  • The main pool and training pool are located on the lower ground floor.
  • The pools are adjacent to the wet changing facilities and have glazed links to the entrance and gym areas.
  • The main pool is 25m long with 6 lanes.
  • The shallower training pool measures 13m x 7m.

Entrance and Café

  • The glazed entrance and café space lines the eastern edge of the public square and provides footfall and activation to the public realm.
  • The café, situated before the turnstiles to ensure accessibility for all, provides seating that overlooks the public square and pedestrian route to the south with a dedicated servery for drinks and light snacks.
  • Within the entrance area there is a reception desk with turnstiles to the leisure facilities beyond.


  • The leisure centre gym is located at the High Street level and mezzanine floors with glazing on either side to the courtyards providing natural light and visual connections.
  • The gym has been designed to accommodation 80 equipment stations.
  • The gym is accessed from the leisure centre entrance and café area at grade level, with lifts and stairs connecting users to the mezzanine level.

Fitness Studio

  • The fitness studio is located at the High Street level on the same floor as the entrance and swimming pools.
  • It is a flexible space of circa 65 sq. m which can be used for yoga, dance classes, etc.