Public Realm

Part of the proposals include a package of vibrant enhancements to the public realm, which we hope will create an enriched gateway from Purley High Street to Purley Station.

  • Two new distinctive character areas are proposed, which connect and compliment adjacent uses and areas.
  • Level change is used to animate and define spaces, each accessed via leisure centre lobby lifts and stairs.
  • The Public Square becomes a new focal point for the High Street.
  • The second, new Laneway character area is enhanced, activated and revitalised (green).

Public Square

A new public square will become the new focal point for the High Street, activating this portion of the main road and creating now multifunctional facilities and scope for engagement with the public realm.

  • Opportunity for cultural placemaking strategy which supports community based events such as markets, cinema screen, pop-up events, and artwork.
  • Seasonal activation, night and day.
  • Active frontage with spill-out.