Our Engagement

First Public Consultation (June 2023)

Our first public consultation has now closed. Should you wish to access the material from this consultation, you can find a PDF version here.

Throughout our public consultation, which lasted from 19th June until 7th July, the project team received 39 online feedback forms and 21 physical forms. 23 emails were also received.

An overview of some of the trends that emerged during the consultation can be found below:

91% of respondents to our public consultation said that they either Support or Strongly Support our plans to deliver a new leisure centre on the site.

Most respondents were in favour of the amenities that are included in the proposals.

55% of respondents Agreed or Strongly Agreed with our proposals to deliver 245 new specialist accommodation for older people on the site, with many residents commenting that there is a need for this type of housing in Purley.

75% of overall feedback Agreed or Strongly Agreed with plans to deliver new commercial space on the site, which many said would provide an economic boost to the area.

Respondents were broadly satisfied with the overall design of the proposals, though there were some comments about the height of the tallest building and the number of public parking spaces.

First Community Workshop

In addition to the more formal public consultation, the project team hosted a community workshop to receive feedback from residents about some key elements of the scheme, including the specialist accommodation, the new leisure centre, and the public realm provision.

The following includes a breakdown of the key points that summarise the feedback from the first community workshop:

  • Feedback from the first workshop was generally positive, supporting the wider proposals.
  • Main discussions focused on the leisure centre and public realm.
  • There was limited discussion about the specialist older persons accommodation.
  • Participants seemed content with the residential units, provided that the leisure centre is well-delivered.
  • Attendees commented specifically about car parking provision, accessibility, and security in the public realm.
    • Attendees queried the reduction in parking spaces, the rationale behind the decision, and why there were not more spaces proposed.
    • Security improvements to the site were suggested, including cameras and increased lighting.
  • Accessible leisure centre was desired both physically and financially, accommodating older users.
  • There were some comments about the leisure centre becoming exclusively for younger users. A clear desire for inclusivity was noted.

Residents’ Association Meeting – September 2023

As part of this meeting, Residents’ Associations were asked to provide questions and feedback on behalf of their organisations. A complete list of questions and answers for the project, including those asked as part of this meeting, can be found here.

Contact us

Following extensive consultation with the local community, Polaska has submitted a planning application to Croydon Council. This site will be updated with more information as the application progresses, but if you have any questions, please contact the project team via the details below: 

Call: 020 3398 1590

Email: consultation@purleypool.co.uk